class 4/20

April 22, 2009 at 12:20 am (responses)

      Yesterday in class we began class with coming p with our own deefinitions of what we though news was. We then broke off into groups and compared definitions. Afterwards we discussed the importance of a good news release. A news release is a story you write with the hope of having it published in the mass media. It is usually done in the inverted pyramid style. Inverted Pyramid style is when you write the story with the most important part of it in the beginning and then write in descending order of importance. This is important because most people will determine after the first few lines if they want to continue reading the story. A good news release can be very helpful if done correctly. It can be used to promote a new product that is about to be launched. We are actually writing news releases this week in my intor to journalism class so it has been helpful to have both classes going over them at the same time.


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April 22, 2009 at 12:03 am (responses)

       Today in class we had two guest speakers come and talk with us. They are Georgia Southern graduates who had degrees in Public Relations. They now have a job that as PR students we could only dream to one day have. Their names are Lauren Craford and Jeremy Estroff. The two former GSU students now work at a company called “Three”. Three is located in Atlanta and it’s name is beacuse the company has 3 componentes; public relations, advertising, and marketing. Jeremy is the art director and Lauren works as an advertiser for clients. They talked with us about what it is they do exactly and how they have gotten to where they ae now in their career. They stressed the importance of having a good portfolio and gave helpful suggestions on how to build one. We were fortunate enough to see a few samples of projects that they have worked on. Both were very helpful and gave me a good insight about the business.

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Dominos fiasco

April 16, 2009 at 2:45 am (responses)

     Today in class we watched a rather disturbing video that was posted on The video was posted by a girl that was an employee at Dominos. The video was of her and a fellow employee slacking off on the job and violating several health code regulations. The two were preparing customers food and adding their own unsanitary ingredients to the food. The employees were fired immediately and they claimed that the video was done as a joke and that ht e food they prepared was never actually sold. However there is no way to tell what the truth is. Dominos took a long period of 48 hours to respond to the video, public ally stating that the employees were fired and that this type of thing is not a usual occurrence. We discussed the ways this incident could harm a company’s reputation as well as what measures would be taken as a PR for the company.

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Class 4/6

April 7, 2009 at 10:20 pm (responses)

      Today in class we discussed the uses of Public Relations during a time of crisis. We discussed four types of crisis; meteor, predator, breakdown, and lingering. We discussed the difference between routine and nonroutine crisis. One example of a routine procedure is a plane crash. Although a set date, time, and location, for a crash is not predetermined, the staff members and pilots are trained ahaead of time and are prepeared for a crash if one occurs. An example of a nonroutine crisis we discussed is the Smarties  incident. Apparently youth today have been crushing the candy and smoking it. There is even a youtube video out about it. Smarties is now getting associated with the discouraged behavior and it is making the compan overall look bad.

       Towards the end of class we were given different crisis situations and asked how we would handle them. The group I was in had a situation involving a child that died while at an after school day care. The cause of death was unknown and the staff did everything the could to try and help the child including inducing CPR. The group that I was in decided to take the following actions to deal with the crisis; conatct the parents and let them know that we did everything we could, make sure that all our staff members know how to perform CPR, dedicate some type of memorial in the child’s honor. If the media gets invovled assure them that the death was out of our hands and we could do nothing more to prevent the death, alert all the families whoose children come to the day care about what happened. And finally send flowers with our sincerest regrets to the family.

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class 3/30

March 31, 2009 at 11:36 pm (responses)

     Today we began class with a crossword puzzle. It was a  puzzle that listed advertising slogans for different company names ranging anywhere from restaurants to toothpaste. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised at how many of the slogans I was able to recognize right away. I figure that having people being able to recognize ads instantly probably means that it was successful. You want to find a catchy way for people to remember the brand. Such as a tune and then the saying “I’m loving it”. This is quickly associated with McDonald’s. After our class discussion about the power successful advertising can produce, I was able to realize how important it really is.

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3/25 class

March 26, 2009 at 11:14 pm (responses)

       In class today I was glad that we were given the chance to regain some points with the surprise quiz. The quiz focused on the public relations process we’ve studied this semester which can be remembered by the acronym R.A.C.E. The ‘R’ stands for research, the ‘A’ action, the ‘C’ communication, and the ‘E’ for evaluation. Today the last part, evaluation, was what the lecture focused on. Evaluation is a very important and helpful part of public relations. Through different forms of evaluating you can determine how successful the job a PR firm is doing or not doing. It is important to evaluate so that the proper corrections and adjustments can be made so that your work you do can be done more effectivley.

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Evolution of Public Realtions Ch:2

February 4, 2009 at 3:18 pm (chapter summaries, responses)

I actually really enjoyed the way class was run today. Each student picked one of six categories to sign up for. Each category was an era in Public Relations history. My classmates and I then got into the Era group we had signed up for and discussed what we thought were the key events and points from that era. From that list we then picked what we thought the top 5 during that time were. After this we broke up into groups which consisted of 6 people, one member from each of the 6 era groups made up the new groups. Once in our new groups, we each took turns sharing what we had come up with for our era. I thought that this was an incredibly inventive way for my classmates and I to get our class notes. It allowed me to interact with several of my peers all in one lecture. It was also a very effective exercise. I was able to get more information and learn more about PR history in a much shorter amount of time than if I had been taking notes on my own.

                I learned a lot about the role Public Relations had played in people’s lives over the years. I had no idea just how important that role was. Such as the fact that PR played a role in the Boston Tea Party, a huge event that assisted in shaping our country into what it is today. PR also had a hand in the American Railroads; it helped to lure people to move out to the west. I had no idea just how dominant women are in this field. It has helped the economy to grow and is continuing to do so with all the social networking it has helped boost. Public Relations has and always will be a part of our culture and I look forward to seeing where it takes us in the future.

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