top 10 things I learned in PRCA 2330

May 3, 2009 at 9:32 pm (PRCA assignments) ()

1. I learned a lot more about everything Public Relations involves. I didn’t realize all the different fields it covered.

2. I have a better understanding of how to properly prepare for a job interview. I need to have thoroughly researched the company and position I am applying for before I show up for the interview.

3. I realize just how important correct grammar usage really is. Most PR jobs require frequent writing.

4. After our class viewed the film “Wag the Dog”, I saw how PR professionals could manipulate situations to benefit the client they are representing.

5. Social networking is very important. It is crucial that you branch out and make as many connections as possible. You can greatly benefit from this.

6. It is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Crisis management teams are needed in order to know how to handle any ‘surprises’ that may come across.

7. Communication is a key element. You need to make sure that the correct message your trying to get across to your audience is geared toward them clearly and effectively.

8. It is important to keep up with modern forms of communication, such as Twitter, Propenmic, and other sites that help you get connected with people with similar interests.

9. Stay current with the news. It is not only helpful but also important that you keep up with what is going on around the world.

10. Finally, I was able to have my first glance at all that Public Relations has to offer, the many uses of it, and just how important it is in our society today.


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Another 48 hours of Twitter

April 22, 2009 at 2:49 pm (PRCA assignments) ()

      I was a little nervous when we were asked to have another go at Twitter. I thought I learned all it’s uses back at the beginning of the semester when we were first asked to do a week of Twitter but to be honest I didn’t really use it much after the assignment. I thought it just wasn’t something for me. However, this time around I enjoyed it more. I think a lot of this had to do with using This website helped me to find PR professionals and businesses that are on Twitter.I was surprised to find how many people and companies have accounts on Twitter, it’s like some huge Twitter phenomenon has shot up overnight. Since the first assignment I have noticed that the website has been mentioned more and more frequently in the media. I also got more comfortable with the concept of replying to other ‘tweets’ and how to follow conversations better than before. One of the few things that I am still confused about is if there is a better way to search for people. It’s my understanding, and this may be wrong, that you have to type in a persons name in order to find them. You can not type in keywords. I think that it would be more helpful if you could type in a location or keyword and get results as easily as you do for a name.

        I was able to find three Twitter members in particular that caught my interest. The first is a man named Robert French. You can find him on Twitter at He is also a member of Pr open mic. I thought he was a good person to follow because his account provided a link to a blog which discusses many different elements of public relations Such as; gaining higher education in the industry, helpful conferences to attend to gain experience, and several others. He also mentions his opinion about different social networks and actually mentions Twitter and it’s many uses. The second person I found helpful is Ria Romano She is a managing partner of RPR, an international PR agency. The website lists different jobs the firm does I though it was interesting to view a company whose work is done globally. The third account I liked is actually a company and not an individual it is called a perfect plan and can be found at This user is very helpful for me specifically to follow because it is run by wedding planners, I am interested in possibly getting into weeding or event planning. The site provides helpful links which navigate you to different ministers, locations, vendors, etc. It has been a good source of research for me to get an idea about all that planning entails.

    You can find my Twitter page at

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Tribes video

March 26, 2009 at 10:51 pm (PRCA assignments)

This video featured a man named Seth Gordin who wrote the book “Tribes” and what he means by this term and how it can be applied to our everyday lives. When someone is in your ‘tribe’ it means they have somehow affected your life in some way. It can be through direct contact or something as simple as a person’s blog you read which you find to be insightful. People that are in the same tribe share a common interest with the other members of the tribe. Whether it’s a group of snowboarders that like to iron while snowboarding, or a group of volunteer firefighters. The connection people in the tribe share can be anything. It’s a choice by ordinary people who want to belong.

     Gordin also focused on the idea that a good way to lead is by reinvention. Reinvent the way things are done completely. If it is a good idea people will have to follow what you do because it has never been done before. An example is introducing a new style of art work. Seth says that you need to make the choice to lead. He closed his speech with a story about a man who without money or followers went around city to city, gathered local volunteers and donations and was able to help save tons of animals lives. His point of the story was that it gave people a sense of meaning. He said that now that we know about it it becomes an obligation as memebers of the human race to get up and help make a change.

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‘Wag the Dog’

February 16, 2009 at 4:51 pm (PRCA assignments)

1. Of the three value orientations, I believe the practioner in this film ebmodies the situational orientation. Meaning that each decision is focused on what would cause the least harm or most good, whicever benefits the largest number of individuals. The PR practitioner took drastic measures, such as creating an Albanian war, to ensure that the president was portryed in the best way to the public so he was able to be reelected.

2. Acccording to the PRSA’s Code of Ethics, the practitioner was unethical in that he broke honesty. He did not stick to truth and accuracy when it came to how he represented his client.

3. The logic between ‘wag the dog’ if that a dog controls if it wags it’s tail or not, but in this case the tail wagged the dog. Meaning the practitioner was the tail, basically controlling the president, the dog.

4. I believe that the practitioner, although humorous and entertaining for film, portrayed a negative stereotype in this film. He showed the low lenghts and far fetched ways he could manipulate people into believeing what he wanted them to believe.

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My Twitter Experience

January 29, 2009 at 9:48 pm (PRCA assignments)

      I had never heard of Twitter until my professor for my Intro to Public Relations course introduced it to the class. Twitter is website that allows a person to create a profile and then you can make posts about anything you would like to talk about. You can follow other users of this website and see what they post or chat with them. It allows you to connect with people all around the world at any time. At first when I started to use Twitter I was a little hesitant. I have a facebook account and have always preferred it to any other similar websites. I was so used to using Facebook that it was uncomftorable (I guess would be the right word?) using something that seemd like a knock off version. However, after a second glance at Twitter I realized how helpful it could be. Im still new to the website and haven’t yet excersied all I can from it but I’ve come to realize what a great way it is to not just stay connected with people but GET connected with people. Through the search engine you can type in any keyword to help you find a person or company having to do with it. If your are interested in an internship you could type in the type of internship your looking for and if a person has that listed as an interest you could follow them, see if their career intails what your looking for and find out if the company they work for is looking for interns. You should always excericise extreem caution before giving out personal information but Twitter can help keep your privacy. You can also use Twitter if you have a question about anything. Post your question and wait to see who responds to it, a lot of the time you will get helpful feedback. After a week of Twitter I’ve only just started to realize how helpful it can be  but as I continue to use it and grow used to I’m sure I can use it to network and use it in the future.

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