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1.Here is the link to my comment on Sarah Kemp’s post:

I enjoyed your post. Originally, I never thought of a cover letter as a way to show a future employer a little of who you are. However, you made an excellent point when you mentioned it. I agree that it is important to show who you are as a person not just and employee. Employers are probably interested in knowing the type of person they could potentially hire. Certain characteristics could make or break you. I think that when using personal information about yourself in a cover letter you should do so with digression.  Make sure personality points about yourself are appropriate and portray you in the light you wish to be portrayed.

2.Here is the link to my comment on Meghan’s post about body language and non verbal communication.

I think there is good advice in what your mother told you in regards to the importance of first impression in an interview. I think that people are constantly under estimating the importance of first impression. Your post on proper body language and non verbal communication provided useful information on how to improve your first impression.
3.Here is a comment I left about tips for how to dress for a job interview.

I found the video you posted within your blog to be very helpful. It was easier to watch the video than read posts about what to wear to an interview. I think the video covered all the main questions people have in regards to dressing prior to an interview.

4.Here is a link to the comment I left on Sarah’s post.

Thanks Sarah,
I really enjoyed reading your blog on internship advice. It is difficult to find the right balance between speaking up and stepping on toes. I think as we are nearing the end of our college days we are also nearing the time to start internships. It makes me nervous to hear many people in our classes talking about their internship interviews but it also makes me excited. The advice your provided on how to get an internship is helpful, thanks!

5.My post on Micaela’s wall

I thought your post on cover letter tips was very informative. I also thought that the tip about including social media skills in your cover letter was interesting. I hadn’t thought about including these types of skills in a cover letter, but now that you have mentioned it I can see why. Especially when you are applying for a position involving public relations work.

6.Comment on internship advice:

I thought that your post was more interesting than others on the same topic because you actually talked about your friends who have interned. I also liked the way you incorporated their personal advice they wish to share from their personal experience. Also, the was you wrote your post was more conversational. I though this made it easier to read and follow along with what you were trying to get across.

7.Cover letter comment

I definitely agree with the comment you made about proper grammar use and proof reading your cover letter prior to submitting it. I do not think that the importance of this tip can be emphasized enough. Many interviewers will through out a resume without taking a second glance at it if they notice improper grammar in the cover letter. Although this tip seems basic and common knowledge it is still one of the most important tips of advice for a cover letter.

8.Interview Comment:

I found this interview to be very informative. I think I enjoyed it more than other interviews I have read because I can relate to it more than the others. I think that it is more appealing to me because the interviewee is a Georgia Southern graduate. I feel like I am constantly hearing others say that people who graduate from other “more challenging” schools have a higher chance of getting a job than GSU graduates. Marla is an example proving that this is not the case. You can graduate from GSU and still get a good PR job. It is encouraging to hear her thoughts and the description of her job.

9.Comment on J’s interview:

I enjoyed your post about the interview you conducted. As I commented on another blog where a student interviewed a Georgia Southern graduate, it was encouraging. I like to read about successful careers people with PR degrees from GSU have accomplished. I also was interested when you asked what advice she would give, and she mentioned “Take the PR Publications class”. I am taking this course next semester, so the advice has made me look forward to taking the course. I also liked the fact that she is a relatively new graduate. She hasn’t been out on her own that long and she has already had success. It gives me hope.

10.Career Services Comment:

Wow, this Career Services Event really sounds like it provided you with good, helpful information. It seems like it is the type of workshop that every student could benefit in some way from . I wish I had known about the event because I would have benefited from attending. That’s why when you mentioned you were the only student who attended I was surprised. I fee like a lot of student’s would have been interested in attending if they knew more about the event. Maybe the Career Services Department should find a better and more effective way of informing student’s of such workshops. It sounds like you really learned a lot from the workshop and I think that in the future if more student’s knew about similar events, the attendance rate would be much higher.

11. Comment on Marilyn’s blog
I think that the event you attended was a good choice. Prior to this semester I had not yet hear of LinkedIn. I heard about it through our Practicum class when we had to create a LinkedIn account. I think that the event you attended would have benefited me because I still have some questions about the site. It is nice to be able to read your post and have a lot of my basic questions about how the site works and how to use it answered. This is a great post. I found it very helpful. Thanks!
12. Post on Marilyn’s interview:

I enjoyed your interview. I thought is was original in the aspect that you though to interview someone who is still a college student. It goes to show that you can never be too young to start working on your career. I can’t believe he began working with PR at the age of 16. I also though that the post was interesting because the things he has accomplished were things that many Pr students are also capable of accomplishing. I think that a lot of students think that they need to wait to graduate before they can pursue their careers but as Carter proves, this is not true.

13. Post on Steph’s interview:

I enjoyed your blog post about your interview. I liked the fact that you used a Georgia Southern graduate. It is always easier to relate to the person you are reading about in an interview knowing that they came from a similar education background as yourself. I also like the fact that you were fortunate enough to be able to conduct your interview face to face. I had to do mine over the phone. While my interviewee was very helpful, I wasn’t able to have that same type of personal contact you have when face to face. It sounds like she sure does keep busy with her work. I guess our professors aren’t lying when they say we better get used to writing. After reading your post, I fell like you do. I am ready to graduate and get out there!

14. Comment on Sarah’s Internship Advice:

I found your post in internship advice to be very helpful. Since you have already experienced working as an intern not just once, but twice, I found you to be a credible source. It is refreshing to have someone who has already been there and figured it out for them self, to provide insight. I agree with you completely that an internship provides a great opportunity and that it can give you an idea of the “real world” and what to expect once you are in the work field. I also thought that then advice to include social media skills was helpful. As time are changing so is the high level of importance of social networking sites in the PR world. Potential employers would like to know that you posses the skills to navigate through these sites.

15. Comment on Non verbal Communication:

I found this post to be informative. The importance of something as simple as eye contact can not be stressed enough. I always knew that it was respectful to look a person in the eyes. I also knew that it is not polite to stare. However, I didn’t realize that if you look directly into someone’s eyes for too long that this is a sign of aggression. It is a helpful fact to now because I know I personally don’t want to come across as aggressive. I also loved the graphic you used in this post. It fit perfectly with what you were talking about.

16. Post on Allison’s Career Fair Expo:

I found this post to be informative. The importance of something as simple as eye contact can not be stressed enough. I always knew that it was respectful to look a person in the eyes. I also knew that it is not polite to stare. However, I didn’t realize that if you look directly into someone’s eyes for too long that this is a sign of aggression. It is a helpful fact to now because I know I personally don’t want to come across as aggressive. I also loved the graphic you used in this post. It fit perfectly with what you were talking about.

17. Post on Meghan’s blog:

Wow! it sure sounds like Chelsea is kept very busy with her job. I like that she is a Georgia Southern graduate, and that she is a relatively recent graduate. I also liked the type of work she does. It sounds like she does so many different aspects of Pr work which I find intriguing. Also the fact that she mentioned social media in part of her job description was interesting. I feel like our professors are always telling us how important social media is in the PR world but it is nice to actually hear from someone who knows first hand.

18.  Post on Social Media:

I enjoyed reading your post on the benefits and pitfalls of social media. I completely agree with what you mentioned as the pitfalls of social media. You definitely do have to closely monitor what private information you are putting out there on these sites. Which is one of the things that also bothers me about social media sites. I use sites like Facebook for recreational use. My purpose for having a Facebook account is not to promote myself or make job connections. I use it to connect with my friends and keep in touch with people. However, even thought I don’t use this site for career opportunities, that doesn’t stop potential employers for using my personal information on this site against me. I think that there should be a line drawn between what is considered an invasion of privacy.



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