Career Fair

April 12, 2010 at 9:52 pm (PRCA 3711) ()

Wednesday, February 24, I attended my first Career Fair, not only at Georgia Southern, but ever.  I thought that the overall the experience as a whole was a good one. There were about 84 different companies ready, available, and eager to answer your questions. The majority of these companies were education and government related. It was good to have the chance to get out there and network with the representatives. I think that going to this Career Fair will help me better understand how to act at one next year when I am closer to graduation. It also helped me to prepare for future Career fairs I might attend. Including the Communications Career Fair, which will be Wednesday, April 14, 2010.  I am really looking forward to this career fair because I think it will have more representatives and networking opportunities that can better benefit me specifically. This experience better prepared for what I should expect when I go to a fair. Prior to this experience I didn’t realize how much really relies on you putting yourself out there. It’s your job to approach, network, and potentially impress the person you desire to learn information about a specific company.

Although I learned valuable information from the Career Fair I attended, I did not think that the fair offered a very diverse selection of options when it came to the companies present. There were a large number of Education related representatives. As Public Relations major I didn’t feel like there were companies which appealed to me. I am particularly interested in event planning as a career option. Belk had a booth set up at the Fair. I had heard that they have a wedding consultant section through there department store. However, when I talked to the representatives they were solely discussing retail related opportunities within the store. Although I didn’t personally find something that caught my interest I still think it was good to get out there and practice networking for the future.

Here is a quick video offering tips on how to prepare for a Career Fair



  1. laur22 said,

    I attended a smaller career fair yesterday, and it was also my first one. I am not very shy, but I am somewhat nervous when I entered. It is kind of awkward just going up to someone and introducing yourself because you want to work for them. I think it is hard for anyone to do that, even if you are in communications. I did think the Communication Arts Career Fair had a lot more to offer for PR than a normal Career Fair at Georgia Southern would. I imagine not many PR companies would attend that because there are not that many students in PR. I am not sure if I will make any important connections in a Career Fair, but it can’t hurt to try.

  2. My Blog Comments- 3711 « Lauren's PR Blog for Beginners said,

    […] “Career Fair” by Jacqueline […]

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