Diversity Choice

December 2, 2009 at 11:07 pm (PRCA 3333) ()

     Recently,  I went to see the German film “Don’t Let the Right One In”. It was a part of the Cinema Arts Film series at Georgia Southern. The audience was made up of a several different ethnicities and, to my surprise, a variety of age groups. The film was about a young vampire who befriends a boy. Since the film focused on a vampire it is difficult to say whether or not it accurately represented the German culture. I don’t think that I would attend this particular film series again just because I am not a big fan of horror films. However, I would be interested in going to see a film shown in next semesters series. I normally enjoy foreign films, this particular one was just a little too gruesome for my enjoyment. This movie showing seemed exactly the same as American film showings. Popcorn and beverages were even available for purchase. I felt very comfortable at this even, at first I was a little worried about being able to read the subtitles quickly enough, but this ended out not being an issue. Although I was not fond of this particular film, I still though that the film showing was a success because the theater was crowded considering it was a week night and the audience seemed to enjoy the show.


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  1. Andrews said,

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy the film, yet I do hope you get the opportunity to attend another film next semester.

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