International PR in news

December 1, 2009 at 3:40 am (PRCA 3333) ()

The U.S. places a high emphasis on image. Since image is important the government tries it’s hardest to portray our nation the way it wants other countries to see it. This is when censorship becomes an issue. Censorship is the control of information and ideas. I think that when censorship is used you are not able to clearly see something for what it is. A good example of extreme use of censorship is the movie “Wag the Dog”.  The movie shows American Public Relations representatives for politicians and the lengths they go to to portray a certain image. Although the movie is fictional, it still has a good point. How much of what we see or read is actually true? The government has the ability to censor what we do or do not see.


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  1. Andrews said,

    What did you see or read that prompt this post?

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