Diversity Post

November 18, 2009 at 3:37 am (PRCA 3333) ()

     Georgia Southern prides and promotes itself on being a diversified university. When you look around the campus you see a wide variety of[ethnicities and cultural background.There are many clubs and organizations throughout the campus that attempt to promote unity. There are also several classes which can help students understand acceptance of other cultures and ethnicities. Some examples are foreign language classes, and international studies courses. The purpose of these courses are to help us as students understand different regions other than our own. This can help students understand other people unlike themselves. I also think that the diversity calendar the school promotes is a good step in the direction of unity amongst students.

     However, GSU can only do so much to encourage unity throughout the campus. It is really up tp the students to make it happen. While I think that students as a whole say that they feel like the campus is diverse and unified, I don’t necessarily think that this is true. There still seem to be cliques around campus. The majority of the time if you look at groups of friends on campus, they look like each other. The majority of people hang out with people that have similar backgrounds as them. I think that GSU is taking the right step in becoming diversified, but individuals need to integrate better amongst each other.


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  1. Andrews said,

    It would be nice to see more integration among students on campus. Hopefully with time.

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