Guest Speaker: Richard Bailey

November 12, 2009 at 2:54 am (PRCA 3333) ()

     Richard Bailey spoke to our class via SKYPE last Thursday. Richard has worked in Public Relations and teaches PR and Business relations at a school in the United Kingdom. He mentioned that in order to do PR, you must have some basis of communication. He discussed with us the differences between our country compared with others, most countries do not have the access or the exposure that the U.S is lucky enough to have. He talked about the top nation and how it changes with time. In 1909 Great Britain had an empire that was bigger than any before, it was the top nation during that time. Then World War 1 happened. Now the U.S is considered to be the top nation, it is expected that China will be in the future. The purpose of Richard talking to us about the changing top nations, is because we need to realize that thing change, power moves and changes location.

     He pointed out how lucky we are, as Americans, to live in democratic country. Countries have to achieve certain things before they can have a democracy like the U.S. Freedom of Speech is one important aspect to achieving a democracy. It is also important to have an educated, literate population. This was the people can vote and have the knowledge of who they are voting for.

     His lecture ended with reaching the global market through the media. How would you go about trying to reach a global audience? It is difficult when not all places have T.V. or internet access like we do. As an International PR practitioner, these are the things you have to think about.


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  1. Andrews said,

    And yet we take these things for granted on a daily basis-freedom of speech, democracy, etc.

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