Guest Speaker 9/24

September 30, 2009 at 8:34 pm (PRCA 3333) ()

      Last week in class we had a guest speaker from South Korea come in and speak with us. She began her lecture by giving us facts about her home country. I learned several things about the area that I hadn’t known before. She also spoke to us about global diversity and provided different statistics comparing different regions. Some stats that I found interesting included the fact that only 1% of the world population has a college education. Facts such as this really make me feel lucky to have the opportunity that I do to further my education. Another poll said that 50% of the world population suffers from malnutrition. She showed us the difference in the percentage of areas were immigrants that moved to the U.S xame from. Foe example in the early 1900’s only 1% of immigrants came from Asia, by the year 2004 that number increased to 25%.

     She also spoke to us about general acceptance of other cultures. The fact that although something may seem different to us, we should not judge it as being weird or unusual. We have customs that seem odd to people from other places too. But it is important to keep a respect for other cultures. It is through a mutual respect that beneficial relationships can be made amongst different cultures.

     I thought that our speaker did an excellent presentation. She was a good speaker and was able to keep the attention of her audience throughout her speech. I found the information she provided us with to be enlightening and left with me with a better understanding of her homeland and how our country is viewed from an outsiders opinion. I enjoyed our speaker and would suggest her as a speaker in the future.


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  1. Andrews said,

    Isn’t it nice when a guest speaker reminds you of the opportunities we have in the U.S., as we tend to take them for granted.

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