Obama’s case for health care reform

September 24, 2009 at 7:17 pm (PRCA 3330)

     The question this week was whether or not we believed Obama’s health care reform was good or bad. I really don’t think I know enough information to say whether it is good or bad. I need time to see how his plan is going to play out. I want to support the president’s decision, and while I do think some of his ideas on the issue are good, I also disagree  with some of them. Parts of it seem a little hazy. Such as when he said that illegal immigrants would not benefit from his proposals. I don’t think that they should. However, other politicians have accused Obama’s reform proposals of benefiting illegal immigrants such as when he says that no one will be denied care. Doesn’t that mean it will include everyone, including illegal immigrants? I do think that his ideas of “security and stability” are good. The idea of it applies to help both those who have health insurance and cover those who do not. I think I am going to need to pay more attention to his reform propositions as they develop to really get a stronger opinion of whether I agree or disagree.


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