Campus Break-Ins

August 26, 2009 at 4:31 pm (PRCA 3330) ()

I have to admit, I have notices a lot more break-ins occurring on campus lately. However, I have heard of more crimes taking place in the apartments and houses where students reside. A friend of a friend was actually held at gun point recently. He was going to his car when a man pulled out a gun, robbed him, and then hit in the face with the gun before running off with the victim’s belongings. I think that it is pretty bad when your afraid to do something as simple as walk out to your car alone.

I also remember an incident last spring semester in which a series or armed robberies were occurring at Cambridge and University Pines apartments. The people responsible for the break-ins were just going around the apartment complexes and knocking on doors. Once students opened the door, they were robbed. Fortunately, this is a situation in which the criminals were caught by the police.

I think the University has taken certain precautions on campus to help increase students’ safety. The University has campus police which patrol the campus, and alarm stations where you can call for assistance or help in an emergency. However, safety does need to improve in off-campus housing. Perhaps the apartments need security that patrols the parking lots 24/7. The a few of the newer apartment complexes offer this service but it is time for all of them to do so. I believe that students would feel much safer in their own homes if this precaution was taken.


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