top 10 things I learned in PRCA 2330

May 3, 2009 at 9:32 pm (PRCA assignments) ()

1. I learned a lot more about everything Public Relations involves. I didn’t realize all the different fields it covered.

2. I have a better understanding of how to properly prepare for a job interview. I need to have thoroughly researched the company and position I am applying for before I show up for the interview.

3. I realize just how important correct grammar usage really is. Most PR jobs require frequent writing.

4. After our class viewed the film “Wag the Dog”, I saw how PR professionals could manipulate situations to benefit the client they are representing.

5. Social networking is very important. It is crucial that you branch out and make as many connections as possible. You can greatly benefit from this.

6. It is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Crisis management teams are needed in order to know how to handle any ‘surprises’ that may come across.

7. Communication is a key element. You need to make sure that the correct message your trying to get across to your audience is geared toward them clearly and effectively.

8. It is important to keep up with modern forms of communication, such as Twitter, Propenmic, and other sites that help you get connected with people with similar interests.

9. Stay current with the news. It is not only helpful but also important that you keep up with what is going on around the world.

10. Finally, I was able to have my first glance at all that Public Relations has to offer, the many uses of it, and just how important it is in our society today.


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