Winning the PR media game

April 29, 2009 at 2:49 am (PR Connections)

    People in the PR industry often wonder why certain articles or projects are getting all the spotlight and their work isn’t. Who decideswhat is successful? Vicky Gallion wrote an article “Winning te PR media game”. the article trys to explain just what it is that determines success. Is it just luck? Vicky says “luck is not a part of the PR firm”. She mentions that those that get their stories published, get it because they know how to work with reporters and play the press game. She then gives four rules she believes will help you have a successful PR strategy.These rules are:

  • Don’t try to sell a reporter on your product or service (pitch a unique story instead)
  • Have a PR practitioner help you find and write your story. (over 90% of stories have grammar mishaps, don’t let yours be one of them)
  • Have a solid marketing plan in place before a PR plan ( you need a good plan to stick to beforehand to make sure all your elements flow together well)
  • Develop the relationship with reporters (you need to learn how to communicate with journalists on their terms)

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