How to prepare for swine flu

April 29, 2009 at 8:53 pm (PR Connections)

      I found an PR article that was released by Leslie Levine. wrote about the swine flu. The Obama administration has said that there is a “public health emergency”. The outbreak is occurring mostly in Mexico. Leslie writes that from a PR viewpoint, what the communication departments in hospitals, airlines, etc. are doing to handle the situation. The crisis management teams are having to deal with this outbreak as well. Experts are warning that an outbreak can deepen the recession. Leslie mentions that this is yet another good reason for companies to hold onto their PR departments and firms. Its very crucial for you as  PR professional to hold onto your clients now through this outbreak especially and make sure they are kept alert and at ease.



  1. Line said,

    Interesting blog post… You’re absolutely right. Especially in these days you can really see how important it is as a PR pro to stay focused on the problem in society and how to handle possible crisis.
    Nice and structured blog!

  2. lebowers15 said,

    The swine flu has now hit Georgia! The PR professionals need to act fast!

  3. Blog Comments « Lindsey Bowers’s Blog said,

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