Chapter 14: The news release

April 28, 2009 at 10:47 pm (chapter summaries)

  Chapter 14,3110,0205626130,00.html  discusses the news release. A news release is also known as a press release and has been around since 1906. It is the most commonly used public relations tactic. They are sent to journalists and editors with the hope of getting them published. It is important that news releases are accurate, well informed, and without any grammatical errors. Some ways to make a release more appealing would be to add photos.

  Advisories are kind of like an alarm for journalists. It lets them know when a news worthy story is about to surface. It can be a press release, or a new product which is about to be launched.  Media kits are also an important element for launching s product. The kits can contain photos, descriptions, and other creative ways to inform a potential buyer about it. There are five ways to distribute publicity materials:

  • mail
  • fax
  • e-mail
  • electronic wire services
  • web press rooms

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