Chapter 11: Reaching a multicultural and diverse audience

April 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm (chapter summaries)

      In chapter 11,3110,0205626130,00.html the book discusses the importamce of reaching multicultural and diverse audiences. It is important for public relations workers to know just how to appeal to their audience. Audiences are sometimes divided by age. You need to know how to appeal to different age group, such as the youth market. Youth accounts for over $350 billion of purchasing power. You would not pitch an idea the same way to the youth market as you would to seniors. The idea you pitch to the youth would probably seem to radical of an approach if you pitched the same idea in the same way to the seniors, and if you pitched it to the youth how you would to the seniors they would probably think it was outdated or boring. You need to know the correct direction to approach your audience.

     A great way to reach your audience is through media. Americans spend about 3,500 hours a year using media. A message can be transmitted through television, radio, print media, Internet, and many other ways.


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