Another 48 hours of Twitter

April 22, 2009 at 2:49 pm (PRCA assignments) ()

      I was a little nervous when we were asked to have another go at Twitter. I thought I learned all it’s uses back at the beginning of the semester when we were first asked to do a week of Twitter but to be honest I didn’t really use it much after the assignment. I thought it just wasn’t something for me. However, this time around I enjoyed it more. I think a lot of this had to do with using This website helped me to find PR professionals and businesses that are on Twitter.I was surprised to find how many people and companies have accounts on Twitter, it’s like some huge Twitter phenomenon has shot up overnight. Since the first assignment I have noticed that the website has been mentioned more and more frequently in the media. I also got more comfortable with the concept of replying to other ‘tweets’ and how to follow conversations better than before. One of the few things that I am still confused about is if there is a better way to search for people. It’s my understanding, and this may be wrong, that you have to type in a persons name in order to find them. You can not type in keywords. I think that it would be more helpful if you could type in a location or keyword and get results as easily as you do for a name.

        I was able to find three Twitter members in particular that caught my interest. The first is a man named Robert French. You can find him on Twitter at He is also a member of Pr open mic. I thought he was a good person to follow because his account provided a link to a blog which discusses many different elements of public relations Such as; gaining higher education in the industry, helpful conferences to attend to gain experience, and several others. He also mentions his opinion about different social networks and actually mentions Twitter and it’s many uses. The second person I found helpful is Ria Romano She is a managing partner of RPR, an international PR agency. The website lists different jobs the firm does I though it was interesting to view a company whose work is done globally. The third account I liked is actually a company and not an individual it is called a perfect plan and can be found at This user is very helpful for me specifically to follow because it is run by wedding planners, I am interested in possibly getting into weeding or event planning. The site provides helpful links which navigate you to different ministers, locations, vendors, etc. It has been a good source of research for me to get an idea about all that planning entails.

    You can find my Twitter page at



  1. Barbara Nixon said,

    Glad to see you’ve joined PROpenMic. It’s a fantastic resource.


  2. bhug said,

    I was nervous about twitter too. And, I was also surprised to see that so many PR professionals had accounts with twitter.

  3. Bhug’s Thoughts said,

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