Chapter 4 Public Relations, Departments, and Firms

April 21, 2009 at 10:38 pm (chapter summaries)

    In,3110,0205626130,00.html the book discusses the different departments and firms within PR and the roles they have. George Westinghouse created the first department in Pr in 1889. His department concept is still used in today’s electronic world.

     The role fo public relations in an organization depends on the specific type of the organization. Larger firms are more likely to include Public Relations in their policy making process. Larger companies in a higher competitive market find it necessary to include PR in this process.

  The executive leaders of a PR department usually include one of three titles. Either a manager, director, ot a vice president. Departments are usually divided into specialized sections. A survey that PR weekly took in 2006 asked Pr departments what different tasks they performed. They included:

  • media relations (which accounted for 79.5% of PR functions)
  • crisis management (62.6%)
  • employee communication (59.4%)
  • online communications (58%)
  • special events(56.6%)
  • community relations(55.7%)
  • reputation management (54.8%)
  • product/brand communication (51.1%)
  • marketing (45.7%)
  • public affairs/ governmental relations(35.2%)
  • annual/quarterly reports (34.7%)
  • product/brand advertising(34.2%)
  • issues advertising (31.3%)
  • cause-related marketing(27.9%)
  • financial/investor relations(21.5%)
  • monitoring blogs (20.5%)
  • writing blogs(12.3%)
  • blog relations(11.9%)

 I was really surprised when I looked over theese percentages, I didn’t realize all the functions of public relations. Nor did I realize how important and useful blogging is as a function.


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