Class 4/6

April 7, 2009 at 10:20 pm (responses)

      Today in class we discussed the uses of Public Relations during a time of crisis. We discussed four types of crisis; meteor, predator, breakdown, and lingering. We discussed the difference between routine and nonroutine crisis. One example of a routine procedure is a plane crash. Although a set date, time, and location, for a crash is not predetermined, the staff members and pilots are trained ahaead of time and are prepeared for a crash if one occurs. An example of a nonroutine crisis we discussed is the Smarties  incident. Apparently youth today have been crushing the candy and smoking it. There is even a youtube video out about it. Smarties is now getting associated with the discouraged behavior and it is making the compan overall look bad.

       Towards the end of class we were given different crisis situations and asked how we would handle them. The group I was in had a situation involving a child that died while at an after school day care. The cause of death was unknown and the staff did everything the could to try and help the child including inducing CPR. The group that I was in decided to take the following actions to deal with the crisis; conatct the parents and let them know that we did everything we could, make sure that all our staff members know how to perform CPR, dedicate some type of memorial in the child’s honor. If the media gets invovled assure them that the death was out of our hands and we could do nothing more to prevent the death, alert all the families whoose children come to the day care about what happened. And finally send flowers with our sincerest regrets to the family.


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