Tribes video

March 26, 2009 at 10:51 pm (PRCA assignments)

This video featured a man named Seth Gordin who wrote the book “Tribes” and what he means by this term and how it can be applied to our everyday lives. When someone is in your ‘tribe’ it means they have somehow affected your life in some way. It can be through direct contact or something as simple as a person’s blog you read which you find to be insightful. People that are in the same tribe share a common interest with the other members of the tribe. Whether it’s a group of snowboarders that like to iron while snowboarding, or a group of volunteer firefighters. The connection people in the tribe share can be anything. It’s a choice by ordinary people who want to belong.

     Gordin also focused on the idea that a good way to lead is by reinvention. Reinvent the way things are done completely. If it is a good idea people will have to follow what you do because it has never been done before. An example is introducing a new style of art work. Seth says that you need to make the choice to lead. He closed his speech with a story about a man who without money or followers went around city to city, gathered local volunteers and donations and was able to help save tons of animals lives. His point of the story was that it gave people a sense of meaning. He said that now that we know about it it becomes an obligation as memebers of the human race to get up and help make a change.


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  1. Sarah said,

    I really like what you added about the reinvention! I thought that Godin’s video was intelligible, and really witty with the slideshow. I think that your blog really included some of Godin’s more important points, in my opinion, when it comes to business. I actually was surprised to be enjoying the video as I watched it. Unlike the podcast, which was way over my head, I was able relate things in my life to his Tribes terminology. I liked reading in your blog about the story at the end of the video. I think that we need more people like that around these days. His video made me think about all the possible tribes I may be involved in. Great blog!

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