‘Wag the Dog’

February 16, 2009 at 4:51 pm (PRCA assignments)

1. Of the three value orientations, I believe the practioner in this film ebmodies the situational orientation. Meaning that each decision is focused on what would cause the least harm or most good, whicever benefits the largest number of individuals. The PR practitioner took drastic measures, such as creating an Albanian war, to ensure that the president was portryed in the best way to the public so he was able to be reelected.

2. Acccording to the PRSA’s Code of Ethics, the practitioner was unethical in that he broke honesty. He did not stick to truth and accuracy when it came to how he represented his client.

3. The logic between ‘wag the dog’ if that a dog controls if it wags it’s tail or not, but in this case the tail wagged the dog. Meaning the practitioner was the tail, basically controlling the president, the dog.

4. I believe that the practitioner, although humorous and entertaining for film, portrayed a negative stereotype in this film. He showed the low lenghts and far fetched ways he could manipulate people into believeing what he wanted them to believe.


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