Evolution of Public Realtions Ch:2

February 4, 2009 at 3:18 pm (chapter summaries, responses)

I actually really enjoyed the way class was run today. Each student picked one of six categories to sign up for. Each category was an era in Public Relations history. My classmates and I then got into the Era group we had signed up for and discussed what we thought were the key events and points from that era. From that list we then picked what we thought the top 5 during that time were. After this we broke up into groups which consisted of 6 people, one member from each of the 6 era groups made up the new groups. Once in our new groups, we each took turns sharing what we had come up with for our era. I thought that this was an incredibly inventive way for my classmates and I to get our class notes. It allowed me to interact with several of my peers all in one lecture. It was also a very effective exercise. I was able to get more information and learn more about PR history in a much shorter amount of time than if I had been taking notes on my own.

                I learned a lot about the role Public Relations had played in people’s lives over the years. I had no idea just how important that role was. Such as the fact that PR played a role in the Boston Tea Party, a huge event that assisted in shaping our country into what it is today. PR also had a hand in the American Railroads; it helped to lure people to move out to the west. I had no idea just how dominant women are in this field. It has helped the economy to grow and is continuing to do so with all the social networking it has helped boost. Public Relations has and always will be a part of our culture and I look forward to seeing where it takes us in the future.


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